[Does the radish dehumidify?]_ Effect_Efficacy

[Does the radish dehumidify?]_ Effect_Efficacy

The area where moisture is most likely to accumulate is in the human gastrointestinal system. If the gastrointestinal system loses too much, it will reflect all aspects of the body.

In particular, frequent diarrhea and stomach pain may be caused by excessive moisture in the gastrointestinal system, so at this time you can remove moisture through some food.

Radish is a widely recognized food with high medicinal value, so can radish remove moisture?

Radish has a role of digestion and clearing away heat and poison. It can be eaten raw or put in radish soup.

It is suitable for those with hot and humid stomach, peptic ulcer and poor appetite.

White lentils “Compendium of Materia Medica” calls white lentils “the valley of the spleen”, and believes that white lentils can “stop diarrhea, reduce heat, warm the spleen and stomach, remove damp heat, and quench thirst.”

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that white lentils have the effect of strengthening the spleen and dampness, and are often used by people who have loose stools, diarrhea accompanied by reduced diet, poor appetite, and fatigue.

Barley Chinese medicine calls barley “coix seed”, which is the top grade for dampness and swelling.

Rice is a good food to eliminate wet poison in the body, and it has anti-cancer effect.

In the midsummer season, there are rain and rain, and the air is wet and sticky. Many people will have “severe heat.” At this time, eating some rice porridge can treat dampness, stomach, edema, and spleen and stomach.

Maize traditional Chinese medicine believes that corn-like Pingwei Gan, enter the liver, kidney, bladder meridian, diuretic swelling, Pinggan choleretic, spleen and dampness, adjust the appetizer, Yifei Ningxin, dampness and heat.

Corn contains flavonoids, which have a certain effect on macular retina, so eating more corn has a clear effect.

Eat hot and cold stomach, eat these dietary recipes, burn the bitter gourd, wash the fresh bitter gourd, then cut it into filaments, soak it with boiling water to effectively remove the bitter taste, then put the prepared bitter gourd in the pot and stir fry for nine minutes.After mixing with salt and other condiments, add the soup to the bitter gourd.

Chixiaodou glutinous rice drink, prepare red beans, barley in a one-to-one ratio, wash them and put them in the pot together, add moderate water and simmer for half an hour, then take half of the juice, and then continue to cook for half an hour.The soup is moderated and taken.

Golden needle winter melon soup prepare the dried golden needleweed, soak it with water after cutting; shred the winter melon for future use; add the winter melon and golden needle to the boiled water for a while and add the appropriate seasoning to the pot.

The article recommends foods and medicated meals that can treat hot and humid stomach and intestines. If you have symptoms of hot and humid stomach and stomach, it is better to eat more foods mentioned above, I believe they can improve your hot and humid constitution.

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