[Benefits and disadvantages of eating eggs]_ impact _ effect

[Benefits and disadvantages of eating eggs]_ impact _ effect

Songhua egg is also a very common and delicious food. I believe that many people are not familiar with Songhua egg, because the color of Songhua egg feels like it is broken, so some people eat Songhua egg becauseThis is the first time, so everyone will go and decide. The nutritional value of Songhua Egg is very high, but you ca n’t eat too much. You can see the benefits and disadvantages of Songhua Egg.

With the method of identifying the appearance, first we observe whether it has a complete appearance, whether there are mildew spots and damage.

You can also feel the elasticity with your hand, hold it for a moment, or shake it in your hand and listen to its sound.

The skin of fine-quality preserved eggs has no mildew on the surface, and the packaging is complete. After peeling off the packaging, the egg shell is intact and not damaged. After peeling, it is very elastic. There is no turbulence when shaking, and it can be eaten normally.

Using the method of identifying appearance, the packaging of inferior preserved eggs is moldy or damaged. After peeling off the packaging, the egg shells have spots or leaks, and some contents have been contaminated. After shaking, there will be water sloshing or feeling light and not edible.

When using light to identify through light, first we remove the wrapper of the preserved egg. Good preserved eggs can be identified by the light of the fresh egg through the method of photography, and the color, solidification status, and air chamber size of the egg can be observed. It can be normal.edible.
When the light is used to identify through light, the inferior preserved eggs are water-like, the contents of the eggs are not solidified, and there is a large air chamber. Do not use such eggs. It is easy to vomit after eating, andEating such Songhua eggs is easy to cause cancer.

When using the tasting method to identify, the good-quality preserved eggs do not stick to the shell, and are clean and solidified with elasticity.

Some are brownish-yellow and translucent, with a texture of Chengsong. If you cut the egg, you can see the brownish or yellowish egg yolk with a thinner center, which can be eaten normally.

When using the tasting method to identify, inferior preserved eggs will emit a musty smell and acrid bad odor. Such preserved eggs cannot be eaten, mild cases cause vomiting, uncomfortable stomach, serious food poisoning, and long-term consumption will cause cancer.

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