[How long is the shelf life of coffee beans?

】 _How to save_How to save

[How long is the shelf life of coffee beans?
】 _How to save_How to save

Those who like to drink coffee sometimes buy coffee beans to come back and grind coffee to drink. It should be reminded that there are many types of coffee beans. Whether you buy them in life or online, you mustIt is very important to learn to correctly identify and choose the right coffee beans. In addition, if you buy a lot of coffee beans at one time, you must learn to save them properly to prevent the coffee beans from spoiling. In general, how long is the shelf life of coffee beans?

Shelf life of coffee beans: After roasting coffee beans: If stored as whole coffee beans.

From the third day to the seventh day: the taste starts to reach its peak, this time is the time when coffee is best to drink; after seven days, the taste begins to slowly decay, and after 15 days, the aromatic substance basically runs out, and then the coffee has only sour taste andBitter.

Not to mention any flavor.

If it is ground into powder, the flavor will run out in an hour because the contact area increases geometrically.

So if you want to taste real coffee, you have to take it fresh and drink it.

First of all, the best replacement period for coffee is one week after roasting, when the coffee beans are the freshest and the flavor and taste are the best.

Freshly roasted coffee beans are not suitable for immediate insertion. They should be left for a week to kill the gas in the beans.

At the same time as the aroma evaporates, oxygen also chemically reacts with the coffee beans. After 2-3 months, although the caffeine in the coffee beans has not changed, the aroma of the coffee beans is reduced and the aroma is increased.

Therefore, it is recommended that after roasting the coffee beans, according to the type of coffee beans and the different roasting methods, ingest it within 2-3 months.

The coffee beans are ground into powder, and the extremely fine particles increase the contact with the air, the flavor loses and the freshness period is shorter.

Therefore, it is recommended to prepare your own manual coffee grinder and grind it into powder before making coffee for the best enjoyment.

What are the hazards of eating expired coffee: 1, moldy coffee beans If you eat moldy coffee beans, there is actually no big hindrance, just to stay in the hospital for ten days and eight days.

2, the shell is white coffee beans If the shell is white coffee beans, it is serious.

Because the inside of this coffee bean must be a worm to form a white shell, and the worms that breed inside it may be cockroaches, spiders, or maggots.

Isn’t it disgusting to think about it, but you know what?

Some studies have found that it is okay to eat this kind of coffee bean by accident. Because eating insects more is more resistant, eating insects for years can still keep you young and beautiful.

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