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[What’s wrong with sleeping ejaculation]_ dream legacy _ cause _ inducement _ how to cause

[What’s wrong with sleeping ejaculation]_ dream legacy _ cause _ inducement _ how to cause

Many people do n’t know why they have an ejaculation phenomenon in their sleep. Ejaculation is a thing that men only perform when they have a normal sex life. It is also a way that many men can do it by masturbation.However, if you usually ejaculate without sex and masturbate yourself, then this phenomenon is indeed worthy of our attention. So what is going to happen if you ejaculate while sleeping?

Physiological nocturnal emission is more common in young adults, unmarried or separated after marriage.

A healthy person who is healthy, toxic, or irritable when in trouble, or overworked.

Generally, the contraction is continued once every 2 weeks, with a large amount of nocturnal sperm and viscous semen. Penile erectile function is normal during nocturnal emission without other symptoms.

(Sleeping on your stomach. In the winter, the quilt is too thick, too heavy, and too warm. It can stimulate the external genitals by compression, friction, etc., or wear tights and restrain the erect penis.

) The remainder of the dreams caused by modern treatment is mainly caused by human physical or psychological factors.

Physically long foreskin, prostatitis, urethritis and other physiological problems often lead to transformed dreams.

Psychological factors are often due to problems with sexual psychology.

Such as long-term excessive sexual fantasies, leading to the central nervous system of the human brain due to long-term excessive tension, its control system will gradually fatigue, control power decline, resulting in one-time sexual desire and sexual impulses will often be left.

If it is forced depression, it is not slippery during the day, and it is likely to be left in sleep at night.

To overcome and eliminate excessive dreams, in addition to the ongoing medical treatment of Western medicine, you should consider whether it is caused by psychological factors. At this time, you should also actively perform psychological debugging and treatment.

If ejaculation symptoms occur when sleeping at night, then these reasons cannot be ruled out, especially many children who are developing, have not yet developed physically, but are sexually non-desirable, so it is easy to cause this if they often want to enterThis phenomenon must be paid attention to. If a man ejaculates at night when sleeping, then find out these reasons in time and then treat them in a timely manner.

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[How to make black chicken soup]_how to do_how to do

[How to make black chicken soup]_how to do_how to do

Black chicken is a common type of bird. Generally, some black chickens are raised in the countryside. Black chickens are all treasures. Black eggs are rich in nutrients. At the same time, black chicken soup also has the effect of regulating menstruation and blood, and black chicken soup can nourish kidneys.

In the daily life, black chicken can be put together with some Chinese medicinal materials, and it will have many different effects. Black chicken can be added with angelica, red beans, ginseng and other soups.

All in all black chicken is a good supplement.

The first method is to reset the Wuwu chicken soup to zero. First wash the black chicken to remove the internal organs and chicken feet, then put it in warm water and add cooking wine and cook on high heat. After the pot is opened, remove the black chicken and put it in water to wash away the scum.Weier, put the black chicken in a casserole with warm water, put the onion, ginger, shiitake mushrooms, salt and angelica, astragalus into the pot together, and cook over high heat. After the pot is opened, use low heat to simmer.Moderate amount of white pepper powder and chicken essence, this recipe can be eaten with plasma black chicken soup.

The function of Guiling Wuji Decoction: qi and blood tonic, nourish liver and kidney.

Method two: red bean black chicken soup 200 grams of red beans, 50 grams of Polygonatum chinensis, 1 tangerine peel, 1 black-bone chicken.

Wash all the ingredients and add them to the boiled water. Continue to cook on medium heat for about three hours.

Red bean black chicken soup has the functions of nourishing blood and nourishing and strengthening the body.

Method three: Cut the black bone chicken with the fungus, gold needle black chicken soup, remove the internal organs, wash and cut into pieces; black fungus, gold needle vegetables are soaked in water and washed, put into the stew pot with the black bone chicken, add an appropriate amount of water, and cut off the heat.Stew in water for 3 hours, and the black-fried chicken soup with black fungus and golden needles serves.

Method four: The wolfberry, red date and black chicken soup wash the black chicken, remove the hair, remove the internal organs, put it in boiling water for 5 minutes, and remove the drained water.

Soak the wolfberries in warm water, and wash the dates and ginger with water.

Add water to the clay pot and boil, then add the above materials, and then turn the water back on. Use a medium heat pot for 3 hours.

Qizi Hongzao Wuji Decoction has the functions of nourishing blood and nourishing beauty, and has the effect of sharpening eyesight.

Method five: The ginseng and black chicken soup is soaked in warm water and then washed and cut into sections. Put it in a casserole, add the soup to the drawer and steam for about 30 minutes.

Scrape the black chicken from the back of the spine.

Put the steamed ginseng in the chicken belly, then boil the steamed ginseng soup, skim the puff and pour it into the casserole, add the black chicken, seasoning wine, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, spring onion, ginger slices, mushrooms, ham, Winter bamboo shoots and cooked lard, cover a strict casserole cover, after the high heat is boiled, switch to low heat and simmer for about 2 hours.

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