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Can yogurt lose weight?

Can yogurt lose weight?

Dairy products are rich in calcium and are very helpful for healthy bone growth and can also prevent osteoporosis.

People who have a little knowledge of nutrition also know that supplementing calcium supplements can prevent blood pressure from rising and is good for preventing cardiovascular disease.

However, if dairy products and calcium also have the effect of losing weight, would you believe it?

  Scientists stumbled upon the third National Nutrition and Health Survey in the United States. Among people with the same overlap, the proportion of people with high calcium intake was significantly lower, and these calcium were mainly from dairy products.

  A number of studies have confirmed that increasing the amount of calcium in the increment without increasing the expected total conversion can significantly reduce the free ratio in the human body and reduce the chance of excessive production.

Animal experiments have also found that calcium supplementation with calcium carbonate and other calcium, although there is a certain role in preventing obesity, but the ratio of dairy products, the effect is significantly different, especially low-fat yogurt.

Experts believe that there may be other substances in dairy products that are conducive to slight decomposition.

  Why is it easy to get fat when calcium is not enough?

The latest study by Dr. Zemel, director of the Department of Nutrition at the University of Tennessee, USA, shows that when supplements are not adequately supplemented, the body automatically increases the level of active vitamin D, while active vitamin D increases the amount of intercellular calcium, causing an increase in release and promotion.姨 Synthesis, reducing 姨 decomposition.

Getting enough calcium from the quota can prevent this.

  It can be seen that eating calcium foods such as dairy products and soy products every day is of great significance for preventing obesity.

The problem to be noted is that dairy products are not diet pills, and they also contain a certain amount of content. If you eat more dairy products, it may also cause weight gain.

If you replace some low-calcium foods with dairy products and keep the total calories for the day constant, you can get good results.

  According to Dr. Zemel’s suggestion, if you want to control your weight, you should add 1200-1600 mg of calcium per day, which is equivalent to drinking 2 cups of low-fat yogurt (500 grams) per day, 200 grams of tofu, plus 300 grams of green leaves.Vegetables such as green cauliflower, rapeseed, etc.

At the same time, reduce low-calcium snacks such as biscuits, desserts, puffed foods and sweets, do not drink sweet drinks, and eat less than half a bowl of rice.

If you can’t buy low-fat yogurt, ordinary yogurt is just as effective, but because it contains a lot of candy, you should also pay attention to changing a stir-fry into a little oily steamed or cold dish every day.

  Although dairy products can provide calcium, help obese people to lose weight, but it does not affect muscles, internal organs and other body components other than adults, so there is no adverse effect on people with normal or low body weight.

If you drink two more cups of yogurt between meals and at night, you can help people who are underweight to improve their nutritional absorption and increase their weight.

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Boarding a ladder to lose weight

Boarding a ladder to lose weight

The way to lose weight is to reduce the weight by frequently stumbling stairs to consume excess aunts in the body.

The method is: suspending the landing method. The method is applicable to beginners and overweight people.

When starting the exercise, the trainer can climb the stairs for 3 minutes and rest for 3 minutes.

Then, climb the stairs for another 3 minutes and rest for another 3 minutes.

In the future, the time for landing will be gradually extended, up to 20 minutes at a time, and after exercise for an extended period of time, it can be increased to 2 times a day.

Check your weight once a month to check your workout.

  Cycling Method This method is applicable to the training of a representative person with low representativeness and poor exercise conditions.

Obese people can find a step of up and down the cycle of repeated practice, training methods, but also in accordance with the principle of gradual progress, first by a short time to climb the ladder exercise, gradually increased to a longer time ladder exercise.

For patients living in a building, if the weight is not too high, do not take the elevator up and down, climb the stairs, do not need special time to exercise, you can achieve weight loss goals.

  Anti-Stairs Method This method is the same as walking backwards.

The law stipulates the first two methods of exercise intervention, obesity patients with a certain foundation and lighter weight.

The practice method is to hold the stair handrails, back to the stairs, and slowly climb up the ladder. Every time you climb a step, stop for a while and then climb the steps.

But only for patients with simple obesity.

It is not suitable for patients with hypertension, hypertension and various chronic diseases; it is not suitable for elderly and frail patients.

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Not exercising for ten years, extending life expectancy for 10 years

Not exercising for ten years, extending life expectancy for 10 years

The researchers found that people with the least amount of exercise (only 16 minutes per week) and those with the most exercise (3 hours per week) were divided into average telomeres that were 200 base pairs shorter and converted to biological age.Aging is about 10 years old.

  According to a study by foreign researchers, people who are lazy in their leisure time are classified as slumbering in their biological sense and are likely to age 10 years on average.

  Researchers at St. Thomas Hospital in London, UK, measured the telomere length in 2,401 pairs of twin white blood cells.

  It was found that the telomeres of people who do not exercise at leisure are shorter than those of actively moving people.

  Telomeres are centromeres on the chromosomal end of a cell.

When the human cells divide once, the telomeres will change. When the telomeres are short enough, the cells can no longer divide and die.

In a sense, telomeres play a “timer” for the countdown of human biological age.

  The researchers found that people with the least amount of exercise (only 16 minutes per week) and those with the most exercise (3 hours per week) were divided into telomeres with an average of 200 base pairs shorter.

Converted to biological age, the former is about 10 years older than the attachment.

  Researchers in the Air Force have shown that smoking and over-expansion can increase telomere length, which is equivalent to 10 years old by biological age.

In their new study, they found a direct link between exercise and telomere length.

  However, the person in charge of the study said that the shorter the human telomere is, the sooner it will die, which has not been confirmed scientifically.

He also pointed out that although there is no way to recover after telomere shortening, the new study shows that exercise can slow down the process of telomere shortening.

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10 short-lived features

10 short-lived features

The life expectancy of a normal person is around 120 years old.

Due to our living environment, the character and habits formed during the growth period lead us to premature death.

For example, negative psychology, bad eating habits, etc. are the nemesis of our longevity.

Ten short-lived signs, have you shot?

  The secluded “unsociable character, not interacting with others”, ranked first in the characteristics of premature death.

Studies have shown that people who are unsociable have no peers to talk to, because of social support, mental stress, and easy to get trapped in traps, thereby increasing the risk of high mortality and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

A study by the University of London in the United Kingdom found that whether or not the heart is lonely, as long as there is no social interaction, it increases the risk of death for the elderly.

On the contrary, interpersonal communication can bring a good mood and increase life.

American studies have confirmed that people who are socially active live an average of 10 years more than all of their friends.

Ishikawa Shinshu suggested that people with a lonely personality should try to get out of their own world and make new friends with hobbies as their starting point.

  Not good at smiling. Compared with Westerners, the Orientals seem to be more serious and not good at smiling.

As everyone knows, smile is related to the length of life of a person.

A study by Wayne State University found that the average life expectancy of a person who laughs is 79.

At the age of 9, he is two years older than the Americans, and the average life expectancy of a person who does not laugh is only 72.

9 years old, 5 years younger than Americans.

This is because people who love laughter are more likely to establish positive interpersonal relationships and facilitate physical harmony.

The study found that laughter can lower adrenaline levels, relieve fatigue and lower blood pressure.

Han Pingping, deputy director of the Health Education Expert Committee of the Chinese Women’s Medical Association, don’t smile again. A natural smile can quickly bring people closer together.

When the smile becomes a habit, the troubles will stay away from you.

  People who are too active and too active often like competition, are willing to work hard to achieve success, and everything is perfect, but such people are prone to premature death.

Ishikawa Shinshu explained that people who are too active often overdraw their bodies and have lost their lives.

German studies have found that people who are too active are more likely to cause high-risk behaviors such as smoking, drinking, and driving.

In addition, they often have good expectations. Once the reality and expectations are very different, they will produce pessimism, worry, irritability and other emotions.

Han Ping pointed out that such people should find a normal heart, adjust their mentality, and improve their ability to resist stress.

Do your best, do not use the results as the only criterion for success.

It is a good idea to change the “I must” to “I try my best” when I accept the task, and the status will be more peaceful.

  Undergraduate low stone Ishikawa said that the research specifically aimed at the education level and longevity shows that the social form and economic income of the low-education population are relatively lower, and the scale of survival pressure is negative, thus affecting the life expectancy.

A study published in the British Medical Council’s Public Health magazine said that good education stabilizes blood pressure and reduces the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.

Han Ping said that people must actively learn new knowledge and skills throughout their lives and constantly improve their abilities so that they can work in their work and life.

  Obese friends more than Harvard Medical School survey found that if a person gains weight 7.

7 kg, then his friend’s weight will increase by 2.

3 kg.

On the contrary, a student who is overweight, if he has a thinner friend, he may lose up to 40% in the future.

This, Niu Wenyi, a professor of the Department of Social Medicine and Health Education at the School of Public Health at Peking University, said that people’s lifestyles and habits do interact with each other, often with people with healthy lifestyles, and their habits become moreHealth and vice versa.

  Sitting for a long time The World Health Organization has pointed out that more than 2 million people die every year because of sedentary.

Professor Hong Zhaoguang, chief health education expert of the Health Planning Commission, reminds people who work or study for a long time to get up and exercise every half an hour to an hour.
10 minutes.
You can relieve the pain of your wrist, backache and other problems by shrugging your shoulders, rubbing your hands, clenching your fists, turning your body, lifting your arms, stretching your waist, and so on.

  If there is no hobby for the elderly to retire, if they do nothing, they have no life goals, and their mental and physical conditions will shift rapidly.
Below the ranking, the elderly who have pursued after retirement have a higher life expectancy.

Studies have shown that elderly people who are not interested in hobbies and elderly people with two hobbies point out that the risk of cognitive impairment is high6.

3 times.

Han Ping suggested that the elderly should cultivate a variety of interests, such as writing, painting, reading, boxing, fishing, playing chess, etc., the joy mechanism.

  Poor conduct The US survey shows that good and evil can affect the length of life.

The life expectancy of the helpful person is significantly prolonged. On the contrary, the malicious person has a higher mortality rate than the normal person.

2 times.

Experts believe that after people do good deeds, they will get coping, and some will have a sense of pleasure in their hearts, which will help reduce the level of stress hormones and promote the secretion of beneficial hormones.

Han Ping suggested that you may wish to do more good deeds and be helpful, and you will receive unexpected “reward”.

  Getting along with neighbors is not good. British research has found that a stable and peaceful living environment, a harmonious community structure, and a harmonious relationship with neighbors can significantly improve people’s satisfaction with life and a longer life.

A US study shows that good neighbors can reduce the incidence by 50%.

Han Ping suggested that you should communicate with neighbors who are similar in age, and bring more children to play with children in the neighborhood to increase their connection.

  People who are decadent in their lives are often confused and have no goals.

Canadian studies have found that people who have goals in life, especially the elderly, need a sense of direction in life.

The Stanford University study found that serious people supplement life, such people have a reasonable life plan, and can be implemented, regular life is more regular, moderate, more likely to maintain regular exercise, a balanced diet and other good lifestyle.

  If you want to live longer, you must have a positive and healthy attitude. Your mentality is good, and you can face the pressure of life more calmly.

In addition, develop good eating habits, diet is moderate, regular.

Have a good sleep state, let the tired body of the day recover better.

Finally, enhance physical fitness for longevity.

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Let you do more with less, scientific methods to lose weight

Let you do more with less, scientific methods to lose weight

The same is exercise, why are others thinner but not thinner?

Mastering scientific knowledge and scientific weight loss can do more with less!

  1, always do the same exercise California, “How to keep slim” editor Rich said, “People always insist on the same monotonous movements within 30 minutes of work, the body will consume energy at the beginning, and the body will slowly adapt to consumeThe energy will be reduced.

“The more effective way is to change your activity items, such as changing the frequency or changing the trip to the gym, and changing the activity every 3 to 4 weeks.

  2, can not concentrate power If you watch TV while exercising, then you did not concentrate, so if you do not reach the load of the body, the energy consumed will be reduced.

During running, don’t just relax and try to do some intermittent movements.

After a 5-6 minute warm-up exercise on the treadmill, do another minute of extreme exercise, then reduce the exercise intensity for 2 minutes, and twist the body 5 times before and after to ensure that there is an extra alternation before you do each exercise.period.

  3, lowering the movement of things with handles, when you put the vastness on the armrest to support the whole weight, the energy consumed by the body will be reduced.

Ritchie said, “However, when you have to bear something, you need to do it slowly.

“(Looking for a better support point to maintain gravity) 4, without using the slope to place the treadmill in a slope, it will increase the strength of the leg and leg muscles, so it is possible to make it stronger and burn of.

According to its own situation, the inclination is set between 6% and 10%.

  5, energy supply is not required to drink sports drinks throughout the afternoon, eat energy meals in the gym, and then do the swing action after exercise, self-limiting energy is 300 calories – about equal to 30 minutes of exercise energy.

If too much, it will not be possible to lose weight.

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These people are not suitable for eating these eight kinds of fruits, do you know?

These people are not suitable for eating these eight kinds of fruits, do you know?

Mango is a common tropical fruit with a high glycemic index and it is not advisable for diabetics to eat more.

It is also a sensitizing food. People with allergies are only exposed to the peel and may be allergic. Therefore, people with allergies should be careful.

Mango is reduced with salt water and can not reduce the chance of allergies, only to improve the taste.

Dragon fruit vitamin B1.


B3 and vitamin C, carotene, anthocyanin, and contains trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus, iron and accumulated fiber, can prevent constipation, help the laxative, also known as “slimming fruit.”

However, due to the easy absorption of natural glucose, diabetics should not eat more than one meal.

People who have gastrointestinal disorders and are prone to diarrhea should also eat less.

Sakyamsia contains 100% of sugar per 100 grams of custard.


3%, vitamin C is 265mg.

Because the taste of Sakyamuni is sweet, the sugar content is higher.

People with diabetes should be careful.

Avocado is a high-energy, low-sugar fruit because it causes plant manure and is known as “forest cream.”

From the perspective of health care function, avocado has the function of strengthening the stomach and clearing the intestine, and has important physiological functions such as lowering cholesterol and blood lipids and protecting the cardiovascular and liver systems.

Suitable for infants and the elderly, it is recommended to eat one a day.

However, due to the high trace content of avocado plants, it is not suitable for consumption at night.

Mangosteen phospholipid hydroxy citrate, ketone and other components, hydroxy citric acid has a good effect on inhibiting slight synthesis, suppressing appetite and reducing body weight.

However, excessive intake, the xanthones contained therein may increase the possibility of acidosis.

Usually eat four or five mangosteen at a time.

Durian protein, the trace content is not high.

The sugar index is about 42, not too high, but 2/3 of the ingredients are sugar.

For people with high blood sugar, high blood pressure or low blood pressure, poor heart function, and stomach ulcers, eating durian still needs to be corrected. It is best to reduce the amount of rice and then eat durian, so as to avoid excessive transfer and increase obesity.
Chilean cherry has a lot of sugar, sugar, protein, vitamins and calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and other elements, iron is among the best in the fruit, is iron, good brain products, diabetes patients should not be greedy mouth.

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