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[Does the radish dehumidify?]_ Effect_Efficacy

[Does the radish dehumidify?]_ Effect_Efficacy

The area where moisture is most likely to accumulate is in the human gastrointestinal system. If the gastrointestinal system loses too much, it will reflect all aspects of the body.

In particular, frequent diarrhea and stomach pain may be caused by excessive moisture in the gastrointestinal system, so at this time you can remove moisture through some food.

Radish is a widely recognized food with high medicinal value, so can radish remove moisture?

Radish has a role of digestion and clearing away heat and poison. It can be eaten raw or put in radish soup.

It is suitable for those with hot and humid stomach, peptic ulcer and poor appetite.

White lentils “Compendium of Materia Medica” calls white lentils “the valley of the spleen”, and believes that white lentils can “stop diarrhea, reduce heat, warm the spleen and stomach, remove damp heat, and quench thirst.”

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that white lentils have the effect of strengthening the spleen and dampness, and are often used by people who have loose stools, diarrhea accompanied by reduced diet, poor appetite, and fatigue.

Barley Chinese medicine calls barley “coix seed”, which is the top grade for dampness and swelling.

Rice is a good food to eliminate wet poison in the body, and it has anti-cancer effect.

In the midsummer season, there are rain and rain, and the air is wet and sticky. Many people will have “severe heat.” At this time, eating some rice porridge can treat dampness, stomach, edema, and spleen and stomach.

Maize traditional Chinese medicine believes that corn-like Pingwei Gan, enter the liver, kidney, bladder meridian, diuretic swelling, Pinggan choleretic, spleen and dampness, adjust the appetizer, Yifei Ningxin, dampness and heat.

Corn contains flavonoids, which have a certain effect on macular retina, so eating more corn has a clear effect.

Eat hot and cold stomach, eat these dietary recipes, burn the bitter gourd, wash the fresh bitter gourd, then cut it into filaments, soak it with boiling water to effectively remove the bitter taste, then put the prepared bitter gourd in the pot and stir fry for nine minutes.After mixing with salt and other condiments, add the soup to the bitter gourd.

Chixiaodou glutinous rice drink, prepare red beans, barley in a one-to-one ratio, wash them and put them in the pot together, add moderate water and simmer for half an hour, then take half of the juice, and then continue to cook for half an hour.The soup is moderated and taken.

Golden needle winter melon soup prepare the dried golden needleweed, soak it with water after cutting; shred the winter melon for future use; add the winter melon and golden needle to the boiled water for a while and add the appropriate seasoning to the pot.

The article recommends foods and medicated meals that can treat hot and humid stomach and intestines. If you have symptoms of hot and humid stomach and stomach, it is better to eat more foods mentioned above, I believe they can improve your hot and humid constitution.

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[Is it possible for a woman to eat green onions?]

[Is it possible for a woman to eat green onions?]

For mothers, there are many taboos in daily diet.

Because some foods have a potential impact on maternal milk.

In addition, some foods are not good for the daily recovery of the mother.

Many elderly people think that women cannot eat green onions. Is this really the case?

Actually not. Maternity can eat green onions, but in moderation, and it is best to eat cooked green onions to avoid irritating the stomach!

First of all, the green onion is a spicy condiment. When cooking, put some green onion to start the fishy effect. The green onion itself is a warm ingredient and is not irritating.

Green onion can detoxify qi smoothly, promote human metabolism while helping sweating and fever, and alleviate physical weakness and yin.

The other effect of spring onion is that it can alleviate the problem of milk incompatibility. Mothers may have a problem of insufficient milk and milk after giving birth. In the case of lack of nutrition, it may be the cause of water incompatibility. Eating some spring onion properly can helpFor milk.

At the same time, there is a large amount of calcium and vitamin C in the spring onion, which can promote appetite, improve the body’s immunity, and help lose weight.

Postpartum mothers can still eat green onions.

Of course, for some people who have a bad stomach, spring onions are irritating after all, and it is now medically recommended that confinement mothers should eat foods that are mild in nature and low in irritation, so they should not eat too muchThe green onion is not eaten raw when confinement, but should be cooked before consumption.

You can eat spring onions for confinement. People who like to eat spring onions should not worry about this, but they should not eat more.

First, cold foods, especially in the summer, most mothers want to eat some cold appetizing foods, such as cold salad, frozen watermelon, ice cream, frozen drinks and cold rice, etc., but the new mother’s spleen and stomach function has not been fully restored, too coldDiet will damage the recovery of spleen and stomach function of the maternal, and too much cold food will easily cause congestion and stasis, which can cause new mothers’ abdominal pain and postpartum lochia.

However, fresh fruits are not included in the “taboo”.

Fruit has the effect of promoting appetite, helping digestion and excretion, and it is not necessary to eat it because it is “too cold”.

And fruits placed indoors will not cool to the extent that it stimulates the digestive organs of new mothers and affects their health.

Second, do not eat spicy foods such as spicy food, refers to star anise, fennel, garlic, pepper and other seasonings.

Such foods can affect the gastrointestinal function of the mother, cause internal heat in the mother, and cause sores in the tongue, which can cause constipation or hemorrhoids.

Third, avoid taking new ginseng, which has some ginseng, and take ginseng immediately after giving birth. This method is wrong.

Although ginseng is a good product for replenishing vitality, it can promote blood flow and improve resistance.

This is very bad for the new mother who has just given birth.

Because the blood vessels of the internal and external genitals are often damaged during delivery, taking ginseng may affect the self-healing of the damaged blood vessels, causing continuous bleeding and even major bleeding.

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[Why won’t yam turn black]_Cause_Method

[Why won’t yam turn black]_Cause_Method

Yam is an edible rhizome plant. According to its growing environment, people in some areas also call yam a native potato. Yam has many functions. It is just a traditional Chinese medicine that is often used by Chinese medicine. It is still on the family table.Of a common vegetable.

When handling yam, you must pay attention to it. Like taro, it secretes a kind of mucus to make your hands itchy. Sometimes some people will find that yam becomes black when processing yam. Here are some of the things that make yam not black.method.

First, why the yam turns black. The yam turns black because the fresh yam peels and comes into contact with the air after oxidation.

After the yam is peeled, it is exposed to the air. The polyphenols contained in the yam and the oxygen in the air undergo an oxidation reaction to produce phthalic acid. If the yam is kept in contact with the air, it will increase the oxidative polymerization and form brown pigment andmelanin.

Also, if you use a kitchen knife to cut the yam, the yam may discolor when it comes into contact with the metal surface of the knife, including the wok when cooking.

Such a phenomenon is very common in life, such as apples, medium, lotus root, etc. After cutting, the meat will gradually contact with the air and the color will gradually darken.

Second, if the yam becomes black, can it be eaten?

The yam is dark because it is oxidized, but it will not affect the consumption of yam. There will be nothing wrong with it. You can eat it with peace of mind.

It just suddenly doesn’t look good when entering the food.

Third, the method of yam does not become black 1. Soak the salted yam in the salt water to completely soak it, so that the yam will not turn yellow or black again.

2. Add white peeled yam to white vinegar water soaked in white vinegar so that it will not turn black.

3. There are many beards on the yam that quickly peels the belt. When peeling, these beards will slow down the peeling speed. First, set the yam on the fire and burn the upper beard. This will make the peeling faster.It also reduces the contact time with the air.

4. If you do not use a knife to cut yam, it will change color when you touch the metal surface. Instead, use a bamboo knife or plastic blade to cut it.

5. First heat to prevent the yam from discoloring after coming into contact with the iron pan. Put the skinned yam into the steamer or oven for one minute to make the polyphenol oxidase ineffective, so it won’t turn black.

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[Can you eat tofu during menstruation]_Physiological period_Impact

[Can you eat tofu during menstruation]_Physiological period_Impact

Tofu is a relatively common food, and it is also a food that many people like to eat.

Tofu has a high nutritional value, which can supplement the body’s nutrition and nourish the body.

Tofu’s adaptation population is still very wide, and for menstrual women, you can also eat some tofu to add some nutrition to their bodies.

Let me introduce the benefits of tofu during menstruation!

1. Calcium supplements Tofu is added with brine during processing, so that the content of calcium and magnesium in tofu is higher than that of soybeans. It is determined that about 164 milligrams of calcium per 100g of tofu is a good calcium supplement, especially suitable for calcium deficiencyCrowd eating.

2. Promote brain development Although tofu has been processed, it still retains the lecithin contained in soybeans, an important substance that promotes the development of the brain and the human body. Regular consumption of tofu is conducive to intellectual development and memory.

3. Improve menopausal syndrome. Tofu is rich in phytoestrogens-soy isoflavones. It is similar to the estrogen secreted by women’s ovaries and has two-way regulation. It can keep the estrogen in women’s body always in a balanced state, thereby improvingThe role of menopause syndrome.

In addition, soy isoflavones in tofu can reduce the risk of diabetes.

4. Prevention of cardiovascular diseases Saponin, lecithin, soy protein and unsaturated fatty acids in tofu can reduce blood plasma levels and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

In addition, tofu is very low in metabolism and excludes cholesterol. It is an ideal food for the three high populations and patients with coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis.

5, supplement nutrition Tofu contains the essential 8 amino acids of the human body, and the protein in tofu is complete protein, which is more conducive to human digestion and absorption.

In addition, there are B vitamins and various trace elements in tofu, which is a good supplement for nutritionally deprived people.

6. Prevention of cancer Protease inhibitors, plant sterols, soybean saponins and other ingredients contained in tofu have the effect of inhibiting the spread of growth. Regular tofu can reduce the incidence of cancer, stomach cancer and colon cancer.

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[What fruit is good for sore throat]_How to cure_Effect

[What fruit is good for sore throat]_How to cure_Effect

In addition to choosing drugs for the treatment of pharyngitis, everyone can also replace the diet. Many fruits now have great effects in treating diseases and supplementing trace elements required by the body. So for pharyngitis, what should you choose to treat this diseaseWhat kind of fruit is good?

Better maintenance of body health, more complete supplement of the body’s required nutrition, what will be described below is what fruit is good for sore throat!

Laryngitis is a disease caused by bacteria, divided into acute laryngitis and chronic laryngitis.

Acute sore throat, often caused by a virus or bacteria.

Most common in winter and spring.

Most often secondary to acute rhinitis, acute sinusitis, and acute tonsillitis.

Chronic pharyngitis is mainly caused by recurrent attacks due to inadequate treatment of acute pharyngitis, which becomes chronic, or due to nasal discharge, long-term open mouth breathing, and physical and chemical factors, instead of irritating throats such as radiation therapy.

What fruit is best for pharyngitis? Cherries are both food and Chinese medicine.

Cherry fruit can pressurize the lungs and diuretic, clearing heat and strengthening the spleen, and has a good curing effect on the liver.

Serum vitamin C, can anti-ascorbic factors.

Chronic can relieve cough, moisturize the lungs, diuretic, strengthen stomach, clear heat, and moisturize patients with chronic pharyngitis.

2, bayberry, bayberry contains a variety of organic acids, raw food can be refreshed and moist.

It has certain effects on sore throat and cough.

3. Pear. Pear is a folk-recognized fruit that clears the lungs and relieves throat.

Therefore, the treatment of sore throat will eat pears.

Pears are rich in water and vitamin C, which is a good fruit for adapting to the dry climate in autumn.

Pear has a good effect on dry throat, hoarseness and thick phlegm in upper respiratory tract infections.

4, 荸荠, 荸荠 can retreat with eyesight, cure hemorrhoids, blood in the stool.

Preventing meningoencephalitis and hypertension can help treat chronic cough and spitting.

You can take 荸荠 with rock sugar to squeeze the juice, or you can take 荸荠 and Qiu Pear together and add rock sugar to take it.

5. Sugarcane, sugarcane can relieve fiery heat, relieve fever and quench thirst, and broad-boiled, moisturize and dry, help the spleen and stomach, diuretic, nourish and other effects.

Can be used for dry mouth, dry fluid, insufficient urination, constipation, nausea, vomiting, indigestion, fever and thirst.

Patients with pharyngitis can eat raw or cooked food.

Cooked sugarcane juice has a beneficial effect on patients with sore throat.

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[The practice of ribs and walnut soup]_ production method _ practice Daquan

[The practice of ribs and walnut soup]_ production method _ practice Daquan

Many people don’t know that the ribs are actually cooked with walnuts. These two ingredients are also very delicious when put together. This method is quite new, but many people do n’t like to make them.The method of nutrition is still very high. In addition, some kelp can be added in it, which can make the taste richer and richer. You can also use rice wine to remove the fishy smell.

Ingredients: 400 grams of pork ribs, 150 grams of kelp, shallots, ginger slices, refined salt, rice wine, sesame oil.

Method: 1. After soaking the kelp, steam it in the cage drawer for about half an hour, take it out and soak it in water for 4 hours. After thoroughly soaking, wash and control the water and cut into cubes;Open, cut horizontally into about 4 cm segments, cook in a boiling water pot, remove and wash with warm water.

2. Add 1000 grams of water to the clean pot, add pork ribs, spring onion, ginger slices, rice wine, boil over high heat, skim off the froth, and then cook over medium heat for about 20 minutes.Boil on high heat for 10 minutes, remove ginger slices, spring onions, season with salt, and drizzle with sesame oil.

Features: This soup is rotten and boneless, and kelp is rotten.

The whole dish is delicious and the soup is fresh.

Efficacy: “Ben Jing Feng Yuan” said that pork has the effect of “refined liver and blood.”

The “Suisuiju Dietary Spectrum” states that kelp “is a thin leukoma outside the pancreas, sacral pancreas, sacral kidney, bladder hemorrhoids, and can cure it.”

Therefore, ribs with kelp stew can alleviate pain for patients with systemic or local skin pruritus, mainly limbs.

Tomato Pork Ribs Soup Ingredients: 2 tomatoes, 600 g ribs, 1/4 cabbage, 2 cilantro, 4 tablespoons of ketchup, 1 teaspoon of salt, 4 tablespoons of coriander sauce.

Practices: 1. Wash the small ribs. Rinse them with hot water to remove the blood and rinse. Then boil 10 cups of water and put in the ribs before cooking.

2. Wash the cabbage, cut into small pieces, add the ribs and cook, and finally add the cut tomatoes and tomato sauce, season with salt.

3. Cook until all the ingredients are soft and slightly rotten, add simmering juice, and when the soup is thick, turn off the heat and simmer, and sprinkle with coriander.

Vegetable Heart Pork Ribs Soup Ingredients: 2 roots of cabbage (about 1 kg), 400 grams of ribs, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, 1 parsley. Method: 1) Wash the ribs, blanch them, remove the blood and drain.
2) Except peeling of cabbage, cut with hob.

3) Put the ribs and cabbage in the pot and add water to heat.

4) After the pressure cooker starts to vent, change to low heat and heat for about 5 minutes. Turn off the heat and exhaust, season with salt, and sprinkle the cut parsley before it can be served.

Ingredients for radish and potato soup: carrots, potatoes, pork bones, salt, sesame oil, pepper powder Practice: 1. Wash and break pork bones, wash and peel carrots and potatoes, cut into pieces; 2, ignite in a pressure cookerPut broth, boil bones, boil for a few minutes, add carrots and potatoes, and use low heat after boiling over high heat; 3. Leach bones, carrots, potatoes, and salt, sesame oil, and pepper when serving.
Features: Thick and fragrant Tieguanyin millet soup Ingredients: 3 grams of Tieguanyin tea, 300 grams of small rows, 120 grams of fresh millet, 1 teaspoon of salt Method: (1) Tieguanyin tea is soaked with 500 grams of hot water for 1 minute and filteredTake tea soup for future use.

(2) Cut small rows into small pieces (2 cm wide), wash with hot water and blanch.

(3) Put all the wood materials in a round pan and simmer for an hour and a half.

Season with salt before serving.

Clam soup ingredients: Chuanxiong, 蓑 本 0 each.

5 money, ribs 0.

5 catties, 0 for each clam.

5 pounds, 1 tablespoon of ginger, 1 tablespoon of wine, 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 cotton bag: 1) Clams are soaked in thin salt water to spit out the sand, washed, chopped pork ribs.

2) Chuanxiong, the transcript is packed in cotton bags.

3) Wash the ribs, add 5 bowls of water, and put the ginger in the pressure cooker.

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[Home-made practice of Babao hot sauce]_Recommended diet

[Home-made practice of Babao hot sauce]_Recommended diet

There are many ways to make hot sauce. China has a large territory, so the practice of hot sauce also has many different characteristics. Babao sauce is a more common hot sauce. It is a well-known special dish in Shanghai. It is relatively free in terms of ingredients.Put chicken in shrimps, mushrooms, etc. It is not difficult to make Babao hot sauce, let’s take a look at the common practice of Babao hot sauce!

Prepare 50 grams of peanut kernels, 50 grams of walnuts, 50 grams of chicken head, 50 grams of dried tofu, 50 grams of bamboo shoots, and pork leg meat. The ingredients are Yinxian bean paste, sweet noodle ginger, spring onion, cooking wine, starch,Vegetable and sesame oil.

First roast the peanuts and walnuts. If you do n’t have an oven at home, you can use a wok to fry the peanuts. The walnuts should be cooked until they become crispy, and then set aside.

Cut the dried tofu and bamboo shoots into small dices.

After the chicken leg is cleaned and cut into diced, then add starch, add ginger and spring onion, add an appropriate amount of cooking wine, marinate for about 10 minutes.

Pork leg meat is also cut into diced, also put starch, put onion ginger in cooking wine, marinate.

At this time, add an appropriate amount of vegetable oil to the pan. After the oil is hot, put the diced pork in the pan and stir-fry the color. Then, you can put the chicken leg in the pan and change the color.

At this time, keep the base oil in the pan, then add the bean paste hot sauce, stir-fry the red oil, then add the sweet noodle sauce, stir fry evenly, and finally put the pork leg and chicken leg in the pot, stir fry evenly, and then add the bamboo shootAdd the dried tofu and stir fry evenly, and the water in it will gradually fry and dry. You don’t need to put salt at this time, because the salt of the bean paste and noodle sauce is relatively high.

Finally add cooked peanuts, walnut meat, and then add the sesame oil to the pan.

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[DIY Sushi Roll Practice]_DIY Sushi Roll Practices _DIY Sushi Roll Practices Encyclopedia_DIY Sushi Roll How to Make

[DIY Sushi Roll Practice]_DIY Sushi Roll Practices _DIY Sushi Roll Practices Encyclopedia_DIY Sushi Roll How to Make

For most cities, it is not difficult to find that roadside stalls abound.

Although this is convenient for many people, who can guarantee the hygiene of the meal?

Eating roadside stalls for a long time will inevitably lead to major diseases.

And for health or you can choose to eat at home.

Below, I will show you how to make DIY sushi rolls.


12 rice is served in a large glass bowl. When it is not too hot, add white sugar and an appropriate amount of sushi vinegar and mix well (add it according to your taste, try it if you are not sure).


21 eggs into a bowl, add a small amount of salt and fry in a pan, cut into strips, slice cucumbers, ham, carrots, and cook the carrots in boiling water.


Put on disposable gloves, spread seaweed on bamboo curtain first, and then spread the rice on the seaweed. Leave a little space on the end of the seaweed to prevent rice from coming out.


After the rice shop is uniform, put a cucumber strip, a ham strip, an egg strip and a cooked carrot strip.


Sprinkle a layer of beef floss.


Roll up the nori gently with a curtain.


Compact the curtain with both hands.


When cutting sushi, dip the knife in water and dip them one at a time. They are especially good. After the sushi rolls are finished, it is best to leave them for a while and cut them well.


Finally, sushi soy sauce and a mustard dipping sauce is OK.

The detailed method and steps of DIY sushi rolls have been introduced, I believe you have basically understood.

After understanding the necessary steps, all you have to do now is practice.

Practice leads to true knowledge, and I believe that real food comes out like this.

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[How do women exercise sexual ability]_Sex ability_Woman_Exercise methods_How to exercise

[How do women exercise sexual ability]_Sex ability_Woman_Exercise methods_How to exercise

If you want to have a perfect experience in sex, it is not enough to rely on the efforts of the man alone. It is better that women can also actively participate in it.

However, this requires relatively strong sexual abilities, so it is necessary to use some exercise methods to help improve in peacetime, so how exactly can exercise be effective?

Let’s take a look at the introduction of the editor.

1. Playing volleyball can enhance the fun of the bed.

Playing volleyball can exercise the arm muscles and abdominal muscles and improve women’s sensitivity. Therefore, it can make women’s ability to coordinate in sex and greatly improve their sensitivity, so that they can enjoy more changing bedtime fun.

2. Exercise your lower limbs by cycling.

The muscles and joint strength of the lower limbs are often used in sex. Cycling can exercise the strength of the lower limbs, allowing the joints of the lower limbs and the muscles of the thighs to be exercised. It is also very effective for the exercise of the foot joints and joints.

It also helps your blood circulation system.

Therefore, often riding a bicycle can make women’s lower limbs more flexible, more favorable, and it is easier for women to take the initiative in sex and bring passion and joy to themselves and their loved ones.

3. Swimming makes women more orgasm.

Swimming can enhance a woman’s sexual ability and make it easier for a woman to achieve orgasm.

There is research data to prove that: some swimmers even reach the age of 60-80 years old, sexual life is still as active as about 30 years old.

The benefits of swimming for sex are more obvious in women, especially in the one-in-one combination of the two legs, which has trained women’s leg muscles, pelvic floor muscles and abdominal muscles.

These groups of muscles are the most important muscles used by women in sexual life, especially the pubic coccyx muscles. Through proper contraction and relaxation, women can have a more perfect sex life and more easily achieve orgasm.

At this point, the editor has introduced a variety of exercise methods that are conducive to improving women’s sexual abilities, and each is relatively easy to learn, so it is convenient for everyone to do regular exercises.

In addition, I recommend that while exercising, it is best to eat more foods that improve sexual desire, such as honey, chocolate and so on.

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[Can children drink black tea]_ children _ influence

[Can children drink black tea]_ children _ influence

The nutritional value of black tea is very high, and it is relatively well-known in many times. Many families will have black tea. Often the benefits of black tea for people’s health are many. Black tea is a fully fermented tea. The characteristics of black teaIt is also very mild, suitable for most people to merge. Some parents think that black tea can be used for children because it is so rich in nutrients, can children drink black tea?

Can children drink black tea?

In general, if you want to drink black tea for your child, it is best to substitute it for children over six years old.

The nutritional value of black tea is very high. The polyphenols in black tea can inhibit the activity of destroying bone cell materials, can strengthen human bones, prevent osteoporosis, and are very beneficial to heart health.

Therefore, children can drink black tea, which is conducive to children’s bone development, helps promote children’s digestion and digestion, dehumidifies and diuretics, strengthens myocardial function, prevents dental caries and food poisoning.

However, although black tea can purify the intestines, it is harmful to human intestinal villi. Children’s intestinal villi are still immature. Consumption will be detrimental to the child’s gastrointestinal health. Therefore, it is best for children to eat it after 6 years tea.

Precautions for children drinking black tea 1, children should not eat more black tea.

Black tea has a certain irritation to the human brain. If a child eats too much, it will cause slow development of the body and it will definitely hurt the brain.

2. It is not recommended for children under 6 years old to consume black tea, which will damage the child’s intestinal villi and is not good for the child’s gastrointestinal health.

3. It is not recommended for children to drink black tea beverages. Too many additives in the beverage may damage the child’s health.

4, adolescent girls should not drink black tea. Consumption may cause iron deficiency anemia, which will increase heart and kidney burden.

5, black tea should not be consumed on an empty stomach, the best time to eat is one hour after a meal.

Tea contains a large amount of residual acid. The implanted acid can react with iron in food to generate new substances that are difficult to dissolve. Over time, it causes iron deficiency in the body and even induces anemia.

6, the child can not drink black tea when the fever, black tea contains theophylline, consumption will increase body temperature and aggravate the illness.

7, children with bad stomach should not drink black tea, eating is not good for gastrointestinal health.

How children drink black tea 1, brew black tea material: black tea leaves.

Method: (1) Inject boiling water into the cup to warm the cup, then pour out the boiling water.

(2) Boiling water is also poured into the teapot and cup, warming the tea set, at least when the black tea leaves are put in, it can prevent the temperature from falling.

(3) Pour off the boiling water in the teapot, put in the tea leaves, inject the freshly boiled boiling water, cover the teapot cover, wrap the teapot warmer, and immerse the tea in hot water at a certain temperature for 5 minutes.

(4) After soaking, in order to make the tea light and even, you can use a teaspoon to gently stir it.

Tip: In order not to mix the black tea leaves into the tea cup, pour the tea through the tea strainer into the cup.

2, milk black tea materials: 3 grams of black tea, 100 grams of milk, 2 grams of salt.

Method: (1) Put black tea in the pot, and add water for 5 minutes.

(2) Strain the black tea leaves and cook the milk in another pot.

(3) After boiling the milk, add tea juice, add salt and stir.

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