[Cold crayfish]_crayfish_how to make cold_how to make cold

[Cold crayfish]_crayfish_how to make cold_how to make cold

Everyone is familiar with crayfish, but when we usually eat crayfish, we will find that most of them are fried and fried. In fact, crayfish can also be cold-cooked at the same time. Here we recommend crayfish for everyone.Cold salad.

First, method, seasoning: ground ginger, minced garlic, shallot, chili noodles, plenty of oyster sauce, pepper, steamed fish stew, rice vinegar, beer, sesame oil, salt, sugar, chicken essence 1, squeeze the head of the crayfish with your hands2. Remove the head cover of the crayfish; 3. Turn the crayfish and turn it to see the tail in the middle of the tail; 4. Hold the middle tail with your right hand and pull it outward to turn the shrimp’s intestineLine it; 5. Put it under the faucet, and carefully clean the crayfish with a toothbrush; (the belly is easy to contaminate the dirt, you need to brush it once more) 6. Put the washed lobster into the water, rub it and fishRinse out with running water and drain the water for later use.

Two methods, 1. After the crayfish is cleaned up, drain the water thoroughly; 2. When the hot oil in the pan is 60% hot, fry the crayfish and wait for all the crayfish to turn red;Add the crayfish into the oil and fry it again until it is fully cooked, lift it into a large bowl; 4. While the crayfish is still hot, mix all the seasonings with the crayfish (remember those seasonings)Ha, put together to taste enough) 5, after mixing, let stand for 30 minutes, let the crayfish taste and cool to cool into the mouth.

Third, in the process of blending, taste the salty taste with your mouth.

I put those seasonings by feeling, it is difficult to have specific amounts.

But one thing is that the amount of oyster sauce and pepper is too much.

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